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Team Jesus




Team Jesus

Philippians 1:12-18

Greg Pollak

Team Jesus - Philippians 1:12-18


   - 1 Corinthians 15:1-4

   - Mark 1:15

   - Galatians 1:6-9

   - Philippians 1:12

   - Philippians 1:13

   - Philippians 1:14

Bad Motives

1. Envy

   - Philippians 1:15

2. Rivalry/Strife

   - Philippians 1:15

3. Selfish Ambition

   - Philippians 1:17

4. Wanted to Aggravate Paul

   - Philippians 1:17

5. Pretense

   -  Philippians 1:18

Good Motives

1. Good Will

   - Philippians 1:15

2. Out of Love

   - Philippians 1:16

3. In Truth

   - Philippians 1:18


1. Preach the True Gospel with Joy Not Competition.

2. Don’t get in the dirt where some people like to play.


Connection Builders

  • What would you like to praise or thank God for?

  • When you are feeling down, what helps raise your spirits?

  • Share a time when your life changed and you had a hard time adjusting.

Sermon Questions

  • Based on this Sunday's passage, How do you think Paul decided if an event/circumstance was good or bad? How does Paul's example encourage you? Challenge you?

  • Think through a list of the difficulties you are facing right now. How might they be used by Christ to help you be His witness?

  • Greg talked about how Paul's example encouraged other believers to be more bold in their witness. Then Paul talked about the motives people had as witnesses for Jesus. What were the good motives Paul wrote about in this passage? How can we foster having good Gospel motives in our lives? How can we foster having good Gospel motives in each other?

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