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I Am the Door




I Am the Door

John 10:1-10

Greg Pollak

I Am the Door

- John 10:1-10

- John 1:12

- Hebrews 12:7-8

Jesus is the Door (Come Home)

1. He protects His children

- John 10:1-7

- John 9:30-41

2. He knows/leads His children. They know/follow Him.

- John 10:2-5

- John 10:8

3. He provides for His children.

- John 10:9-10

- Romans 8:35-39

- John 10:9-10

- Romans 8:35-39


1. Don’t leave the Door unlocked…

2. Listen to Jesus and follow Him.

3. Eat with the Lord… Have dinner with Him

- John 10:28-30

- John 8:31-32

- Revelation 3:20 


Connection Builder(s)

  1. As a child, what was your favorite pet? How did this pet respond when it heard your voice?

  2. When you were younger, did your family lock the door at night? Why? Why not?

Sermon Questions

Read John 9:13-10:10.

  1. In 10:1-10, what do the sheep, shepherd, thief, robber, and stranger(s) represent?

  2. How does the story in chapter 9:13-41 provide an example of what Jesus is talking about in 10:1-10?

  3. What is the relationship of the shepherd with his sheep? How do the sheep respond to the shepherd? How does this relate to the pharisees' difficulty in understanding Jesus?

  4. What did Jesus mean by comparing Himself to a door or gate?

  5. How is Jesus unlike the "thieves and robbers"? Who are the thieves and robbers in the passage?

  6. In verses 9-10, Greg talked about how Jesus "brings and gives freedom to his sheep. They are safe and able to go in and out to find pasture." Jesus finished this section with "I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." What is significant about this statement from Jesus?

  7. What turning point was significant for you in terms of hearing "Jesus' voice" and responding?

  8. How do you discern His voice from those of so many others that vie for your attention?

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