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I Am The Bread of Life




I Am The Bread of Life

John 6:22-69

Greg Pollak

John 6:22-41

I Am the Bread of Life

- Exodus 3:14

- John 18:4-5

- John 18:6

- John 20:31

Why bread?

1. Bread was the main part of a meal.

- Matthew 6:33

2. Bread was universal in use.

- John 3:16-17

3. Bread was symbolic.

- Numbers 4:7

- 1 Corinthians 11:23-24

- John 6:27-29

- John 6:30

- John 6:31

How do we respond to the Bread of Life?

1. Discouraged - John 6:60-65

2. Disbelief - John 6:66

3. Acceptance - John 6:67-69


Connection Builder(s)

  • What type of bread would you pick to describe yourself? All natural? Rye? Moldy? Crusty? Fresh? Sourdough? Wonder Bread? Other?

  • Explain why you choose to describe yourself that way.

Sermon Questions

Read John 6:22-69.

  1. Why are the crowds still searching for Jesus?

  2. How does Jesus' response to their question reveal the differences between His interets and theirs?

  3. How did Jesus use bread (food) to illustrate what He wants the crowd to understand?

  4. What promise does Jesus repeat multiple times for those who come to Him? Why the emphasis on this?

  5. "Come to me (Jesus), and you will never thirst, never hunger, always be fully and eternally satisfied." When do you most need to remember this?

  6. How does the truth that Jesus secures the believer's salvation impact your daily life? How does it remove the potential for grumbling?

  7. How would you describe your daily spiritual diet: junk food? frozen food? left-overs? milk? meat and potatoes? Other?

  8. How does Jesus' teaching here cause you to love Him more?

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