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Fruit of Joy in Christ




Fruit of Joy in Christ

Philippians 1:6

Greg Pollak

Remember to Love This - Philippians 1:1-6


-  Philippians 1:1

Fruit of Joy “in Christ”

1. Thankful Heart   

- Philippians 1:3

2. Joy Filled Prayer   

- Philippians 1:4

3. Grateful Fellowship   

- Philippians 1:5   

- 2 Timothy 2:14   

- 2 Timothy 2:23-26

4. Humble Confidence   

- Philippians 1:6   

- Acts 14:27


Connection Builders

  • What is something you would like to praise or thank God for?

  • Go around the group and share a life moment or a ministry moment where you felt deep thankfulness or gratitude.

Sermon Questions

  • How might the Philippians have felt to receive a letter that started with "I thank my God every time I remember you"?

  • Paul viewed the Philippian believers as his partners. Why do you think Paul was so thankful to have partners in his Gospel work?

  • How important is it to maintain a thankful heart as a believer? What are ways you have found to maintain a thankful heart?

  • We will see that Paul talked a lot about joy in his letter to these believers. What do you think was the foundation for Paul's joy? What was the source? How can we maintain a joyful heart?

  • How does knowing that God faithfully finishes what He starts bring you joy? Gratefulness? Comfort?

  • Consider the people you have partnered up with in life. How might you express thankfulness to them this week?

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