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Being Jesus’ Witnessess




Being Jesus’ Witnessess

Acts 16:6-40

Darin Struble

Being Jesus’ Witnesses - Acts 16:6-40


Theme of Acts: Jesus & the Holy Spirit fulfilling God's plan of redemption through the Church

Being Jesus' Witnesses...

1. Involves following God's guidance

   - Acts 16:6-10

   - Psalm 119:105

    - Proverbs 3:5-6

2. Involves finding common ground

   - Acts 16:13

3. Involves sharing the Gospel Message

   - Acts 16:14

   - Acts 16:16-17

   - Romans 10:14

4. Involves engaging the enslaved

   - Acts 16:18

   - Psalm 82:3-4

   - Proverbs 24:11-12

5. Involves understanding people won't always be grateful

   - Acts 16:19-22

6. Involves remembering to rejoice in God's faithfulness

   - Acts 16:25

   - Psalm 34:1

   - Habakkuk 3:17-18

   - Philippians 2:14-15

   - Philippians 4:4-5

7. Involves making the most of every opportunity

   - Acts 16:25

   - Acts 16:29-30


- Whose voice(s) has our attention?

- How are we leveraging our relationships, gifts, abilities, interests?

- How good are we at sharing the Gospel message?

- How willing are we to help enslaved people?

- How spiritually tough are we?

- How open are we to the opportunities God gives?


Connection Builders:

  • Share something you are grateful to God for.

  • Share what your favorite or best day looks like.

  • Share something you are being encouraged about from God's Word.

  • Share how you hope to connect or grow with people in your group.

Sermon Questions

  • Think about how well you listen for God's guidance. Share what things help you listen better and share what things keep you from listening.

  • Think about the relationships, gifts, abilities, and interests that you have. How are you leveraging those to be a witness for Jesus?

  • Darin talked about understanding that people aren't always grateful when we share the Good News of Jesus. How does knowing that affect your desire or ability to witness about Jesus?

  • The book of Acts is filled with stories of Jesus' disciples making the most of Gospel sharing opportunities. What Gospel opportunities have you had recently? How can the group pray for you as you witness for Jesus?

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