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Baptism Sunday (March 24, 2024)




Baptism Sunday (March 24, 2024)

Greg Pollak

Baptism Sunday

  • Matthew 21:8

  • Mark 11:8

  • Luke 23:20-21

Baptism Testimonies

  • Katy Holsteen

  • Courtney Tompkins

  • Tyler Tompkins

  • Diane O'Brien

  • Jordan Greenwood

  • Karson Vander Weerdt


Connection Builders

  • Share with the group something you want to praise the Lord for.

  • Share with the group one or two of the Bible verses that God used to open your eyes to your need for salvation.

Discussion Questions

  • In what ways did the Baptism Testimonies encourage you?

  • In what ways did the Baptism Testimonies challenge you?

Read one or all of the following passages:

  • Matthew 21:1-11

  • Mark 11:1-11

  • Luke 19:28-44

  • John 12:12-19

How did the manner in which Jesus entered Jerusalem confirm his character (see Zechariah 9:9)?

In light of the response Jesus received what were the expectations of the crowd? The disciples (10:37)? Jesus?

What do you find most signififcant about Jesus' arrival to Jerusalem?

What convinced you that Jesus is your King?

What is the best thing you've learned about what type of King Jesus is?

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