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A Christmas Preview




A Christmas Preview

Philippians 2:5-11

Greg Pollak

A Christmas Preview - Philippians 2:5-11


“To explain Him (Jesus) is impossible; to ignore Him is disastrous; to reject Him is fatal. My speech is too limited to describe Him; my mind is too small to comprehend Him; and my heart is inadequate to fully contain this One whose name is Jesus.” - Adrian Rogers

A Christmas Preview…

1.  His Divine Nature

   - Philippians 2:6

   - John 10:30

2. His Humanity

   - Philippians 2:7-8

   - 2 Corinthians 5:21

   - Philippians 2:8

3. His Exaltation

   - Philippians 2:9-11

   - Revelation 5:1-6

   - Philippians 2:9

   - Philippians 2:10

   - Philippians 2:11

   - Acts 4:12


   - His Divine Nature teaches us to be selfless (emptied Himself)

   - His Humanity teaches us to be a servant (came as a bondservant)

   - His Exaltation teaches us to Point People to Jesus. Every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess.

   - Philippians 2:3-5


Connection Builders

  1. What would you like to praise or thank God for?

  2. Growing up, who was your role model - someone you respected and wanted to be like?

Let's do a quick recap of what we've seen so far in Paul's letter to the Philippian believers. In chapter 1 Paul opened his letter giving thanks and expressing joy because of the fact his readers had been faithful Gospel partners (1:5). Paul also expressed great confidence in God's faithfulness to complete what He had started in his reader's hearts and minds through Christ. Paul prayed that their love would overflow and that they would grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Gospel. Paul's hope was that his readers would bring much glory and praise to God as they lived their lives waiting for the day of Christ's return.

Next, Paul wrote to encourage his readers to know that everything in his life had happened to advance the Gospel. He had so many opportunities to share Christ with so many people! Some people were enemies of the Gospel. Some people preached the Gospel with wrong motives. Still Paul rejoiced because the message of God's Plan of Redemption was being broadcasted. So, Paul wanted his readers to live for Christ just like He did. He wanted them to confidently live for Jesus knowing that the worst thing that could happen would be to die and go to be with Jesus.

As they lived for Jesus, Paul also challenged his readers to live as citizens of heaven. They were to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel. God had saved them through Christ, but that didn't mean their lives would be without struggle. Still, Paul challenged the believers to be thankful for the privilege of trusting in Christ and also for the privilege of suffering for Christ. Either way Christ was there to give them encouragement and comfort. They also had each other, and Paul wanted his readers to stand, fight, suffer, and struggle together.

In Chapter 2 Paul further explained how a citizen of heaven should live by making several appeals to his readers. He also challenged them to avoid being selfish and looking out for their own interests. In fact, Paul wanted them to have the same attitude Jesus Christ had. Jesus was, after all, The perfect Citizen of Heaven! Which brings us to this week's passage.

Read Philippians 2:5-11.

Sermon Questions

  1. According to this passage, what was the attitude or mindset of Jesus Christ?

  2. How does the idea of a humble Christ match people's ideas of God? How does it conflict with people's ideas of God?

  3. How about you? How does thinking about Christ's humility move you to worship Him?

  4. When is it easier to humble ourselves? When is it more difficult?

  5. When has another person put your needs before their own? How did you feel?

  6. What does it look like to humble ourselves and be like Jesus in our relationships today?

  7. What does it look like to exalt Jesus in our relationships today?

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