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Matt Michaelsen

Matt Michaelsen

Music Ministry Coordinator


I was blessed to grow up in a pastor’s home and hear the gospel from a young age. At 6 years old, I received the free gift of salvation from sin by accepting Jesus Christ as my Savior. In 2001, God directed my dad to a pastorate in Slater, Iowa. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that, as a result of the ministry of Slater Baptist Church’s youth group, I realized God’s purpose for me was a life of ministry. That realization led me to attend Faith Baptist Bible College where I majored in pastoral studies with an emphasis in youth ministry. After college, I stayed involved with church ministry and in 2009 began serving in the youth group at Slater as the music leader, a small group co-leader, and occasional speaker. Through that ministry, I developed a passion for music in the church and a desire to see God magnified through music. In 2011, God directed me to become a part of High Pointe Church.

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